Lisa Thelen:  Visionary

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Working with Lisa Thelen has been a blessing in my life that appeared just when I needed it most.  She is truly a gifted healer of body, mind and spirit with such a kind, caring manner that reaches you wherever you are.  

​I didn't understand
what she was able to do when I began seeing her, but I knew that she was there to help me navigate the most difficult health challenge I have ever had to deal with, ovarian cancer & treatment. 

She gave me specific skills to use
while going through the chemotherapy that enabled me to come through the treatments with few side effects and feeling stronger, healthier and more empowered than I have ever been in my life. 

​Thank you, Lisa
for being here!

​-Nola Cook
Where do I start?! I can completely say Lisa Thelen has changed my life for the best and in so many ways! Her insights and wisdom is completely amazing and truly healing. I would recommend anyone take action and know the universe is leading you to a great teacher! 

​Lisa Thelen is one of my greatest mentors and to know her is to love her. Her gifts and insights have allowed me to connect with more of my own power and growth.

Thank you Lisa!
​-Dr. Lona Cook 

Working with Lisa has been a true gift and blessing to me. The minute I met her I immediately could feel how special she is. She's down to Earth but has talents from above.  She has helped lift my energy level during a major and daunting life and career change and has opened my eyes to some wonderful things. She's touched my life and given me tools and insight that has opened up my heart and my world to the amazing things to come. I've experienced special healing from grief during my time with Lisa. She gave me and my family a gift through a connection we made during a session. I've introduced my best friends to her and they too were blessed by their time with her. She's helped me find answers that free up mental blocks for me. I've been able to look at my relationships in new ways. I am a more present parent now. I'm more tuned into my energy and able to open my heart to new connections that have served me very well in business and my personal life. I'm a better, more centered woman because I've been blessed with the opportunity to work with someone so special.
If you're heart is open to the possibilities, you're in the right spot. I would highly recommend giving yourself the gift of a session with Lisa.

Sarah Stokes/Momtrepreneur - Owner of Queen of the Castle Magazine - Wife - Mother of 2

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